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Fintech Disruption in the Banking Business

Fintech (financial technology) is changing the way banks do business in ways that many people – including industry insiders – never expected.

Over the last two decades, we’ve seen a number of ways technological innovation has overturned ways of life that were widely considered. Consider the BlackBerry. For a few years, it held a solid spot on the pinnacle of innovation. A phone with access to the internet and some limited apps was disrupted at the time.

Then along came the iPhone, and nothing will ever be the same.

Blackberry is the old way. iPhone is a new way.

In the same way, Quadaid brings innovation to the banking industry. Innovation that, even, the industry has yet to realize it needs. We’re bringing a technological solution to an outdated process. Our solution – automation – benefits mortgage banking processing in a number of ways. No more paper shuffling. Instead, we can make your data digital, online, and easily accessible.

Here are four impacts of Quadaid revamping processing and ushering in the new way of data management.


Time is money.

This saying is perhaps never more fair than when applied to banking. Your business is built on a model that turns efficiency into profit, and Quadaid is here to improve efficiency.

Managing physical documents and doing work by hand can significantly negatively impacts the efficiency of your time, ultimately eating away at your bottom line.

On the other hand, a digital process can greatly improve your process and better equip you to grow. We’re here to help your business reach the next level.

Better Data Integrity through data management

Having proper data management is crucial to creating data integrity, and with Quadaid’s proprietary approach, all your data will be interconnected and therefore more reliable.

So how can this help you? Having reliable data not only increases confidence in the reports the data is used to generate – it also ensures the decisions you make are supported by accurate information.

Also, having Quadaid’s support with keeping your data properly managed greatly reduces the amount of time your staff will have to spend on this type of project, therefore boosting in-office productivity.

Improved Compliance

When your data is digital, online, and easily accessible, the resulting data integrity will also help improve compliance. Moving information that has been physically recorded leads to many potential human errors, but Quadaid’s data-management system helps eliminate those mistakes to reduce time and expenses spent correcting them and therefore boosting the overall efficiency of your operations.

Fraud protection

Many of us are worried about data security online. When you have hard copies housed in one place, you are running risks of fraud and information theft. Sending notes or family pictures through email is no problem. Sending banking information, however, is a different story.

When your data is information contained within one system, it’s much harder for criminals to get ahold of and use it in underhanded ways. Let Quadaid help improve your security and fight back against internet fraud.

Ready to embrace FinTech disruption?

We’d love to discuss the ways Quadaid is helping disrupt the banking industry through innovative Fintech solutions.

Just reach out any time. We’re always here for you and ready to talk.


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